Thank you AISR Rotterdam

“Five years ago, my husband, two children under three and I moved from Sydney Australia to Rotterdam, the Netherlands! My husband works in marine engineering, so Rotterdam seemed like the most logical place to be. Not long after, I began working at the American International School of Rotterdam. Although the name says American, I would say the focus should be more on the word “International”, seeing as though the students at AISR represent over forty different nationalities! AISR is a school that educates children from the ages of 3-18, shaping them into resourceful citizens of the world.

My children also began attending AISR and settled in very quickly. The school has a warm, welcoming, family, home-away-from-home feel about it and we felt happy with the school from day one. As both a parent and employee at AISR, I have noticed something special about the students here at AISR. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to point out how well-mannered the students at this school really are! I have experienced several other school environments (as either an employee or as a mum) and this is something I immediately noticed at AISR. The students are so well-mannered!

When I am walking through the school, I am always greeted politely, or when I have my hands full the students will hold the door for me – without me having to ask. I hear ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ constantly and consistently from our students of all ages, and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me. In a time where basic manners are not focused on enough, this is something very important to me.

My parents had four children by the time they had reached 25 and I was the oldest. I look back at how they raised us girls and I can only admire them. They raised us to be honest, well-mannered girls with good morals and we always felt loved. I had no idea just how difficult it was to be a “good” parent, until I was trying to be one. It takes a lot of work! Consistently throughout my son and daughter’s toddler years, I drilled the Thank you’s and Please’s into them over and over again and now, finally, they do it all on their own at the appropriate moments (most of the time at least!).

I see that many other AISR parents live by the same morals. They find this just as important as I do. It shines through in the behavior of their children here at school each day and I for one have noticed. I applaud any parent who takes the time to teach their children this important lesson, which will serve them well in life.

I would also like to acknowledge the wonderful teachers here at AISR who are doing an amazing job enforcing this use of manners here at AISR. They too are teaching our children that manners are important. Our children now have even more of a chance at succeeding in the use of manners on their own as they grow into young adults.
So for those international families who are thinking of moving to Rotterdam, but may be nervous about finding the right school where your children can feel comfortable and continue to thrive, come and take a tour through AISR. You will immediately know what I am talking about when I say it has a special kind of welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I feel content that both parents and teachers at our school are committed to working together to help raise good, honest children, who will be ready to take on the world politely.
Kristen Woudstra
If you would like to read more from Kristen, check out her blog, ‘Kristen in Clogland’, at

First ARPN Quality Certificate

During the bi-annual ARPN meeting on Wednesday 16th of March 2016, the first ARPN quality certificate was handed out to Nick Britstra of Brick Vastgoed. Congratulations to Brick Vastgoed for being the first ARPN accredited member!

The ARPN has set certain quality criteria based on KPI’s. Each member not holding any accreditation such as the EURA quality seal, ISO standard or any other recognized branch quality certificate, should become ARPN accredited.

In order to qualify for the certificate, the member companies should abide by the KPI’s and the code of conduct as set by the ARPN. Compliance needs to be audited. Upon completion of the audit and approval that all processes are in compliance with the ARPN norm, an ARPN quality certificate will be handed out, valid for two years.

Bi-annual Face to Face ARPN meeting March 16, 2016

Beste ARPN leden,

Hierbij nodigen wij jullie van harte uit op de eerste ARPN face to face meeting in 2016.

Wanneer? 16 maart, 14 uur voor full members, 16 uur voor alle members.
Waar? Verra Real Estate Rotterdam, Goudsesingel 71, Rotterdam

Agenda? Volgt in de loop van februari

Graag tot 16 maart!


TIN – Tax identification Number & your bank account in NL

Sinds 1 januari 2016 is de CRS wet-en regelgevend van start gegaan. Dit houdt in dat alle financiële instellingen wettelijk verplicht zijn om van alle klanten hun belastinggegevens vast te leggen en te rapporteren aan de belastingdienst. Alle belastingdiensten van de 90 aangesloten landen, wisselen deze gegevens uit om belastingontduiking tegen te gaan.

Na wat bank afspraken is nu langzaam duidelijk wat er in de praktijk gaat veranderen en waar we rekening mee moeten houden bij het maken van afspraken.

Van iedere klant zullen we bij het maken van de afspraak hun TIN (Tax Identification Number) uit het land van herkomst moeten opgeven.

de 90 aangesloten landen zijn in deze link terug te vinden.

ARPN new website in the air!!

We are proud to present the newly build website of the ARPN. Please take a look and share your feedback with us!

The knowledge in the branch needs to be shared in order for all of us Relocation companies & Partners to bring the business further. With the relaunch of the website we hope to have created a platform that will truly facilitate this. Please contact us to join forces.

Bi-annual Face to Face ARPN meeting September 22nd, 2015

Members and associate members please be invited for our 2nd bi-annual meeting on Tuesday September 22nd, 14:00

This time The Student Hotel is our host:

Hoefkade 9

The Hague

April Fools Festival 2015

Join us on April 1st from 15:30 – 18:00 at the American International School Rotterdam April Fools Festival!

Many musical acts from inside and outside AISR will be performing for us. Students and teachers will be sharing the stage with professional musicians, singers and rappers. It promises to be something quite special, so be there or be a fool.

The American International School of Rotterdam

Verhulstlaan 21, 3055WJ Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Contact Marie Putter at +31 (0)10.422.5351 or

Bi-annual Face to Face ARPN meeting March 10th, 2015

On March the 10th 2015 the ARPN will have their bi-annual face to face meeting. This time our host are De Haan International Moving in Edisonweg 18, Alblasserdam. We welcome all the full members for the 1st part of our meeting from 14:00-16:00 and the associate members to join us at 16:00 through to 17:00 after which we will have a reception with drinks and snacks.