Irene Bunt

“Settle Service is member of the ARPN because we think that all main immigration and relocation companies together can enhance the quality of the service delivery to our clients. This will make the decision to send people to the Netherlands easier. Apart from that, we think that the combined companies are a good discussion partner for the Dutch authorities. We use our joined influence as discussion partners of the Dutch authorities in order to optimise the processes in order to ease the move to the Netherlands even more”

  • Settle Service

    Settle Service: Experience, Expertise, Excellence

    Founded in 1990, Settle Service is one of the leading and most experienced immigration and relocation service providers in the Netherlands. It is our goal to ease the international employee’s move to the Netherlands and to unburden the HR managers we work with. Whether the employee is a ‘classical’ expat, a new local hire, or a person who has decided that the Netherlands is the place to be; we offer suitable programmes for all. We deliver our services throughout the entire Netherlands; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Breda, Groningen are popular destinations. Based upon the requirements, wishes and available budget we will set up a custom made programme. Our customers acknowledge our added value with regards immigration and relocation; by using Settle Service as their partner, they can be assured that all necessary steps are taken on the right time and that the employee will have a good landing in the Netherlands.