Veronique Haverhals

RSHÂ has been one of the founders of the ARPN knowing that within a branch organization we stand stronger when it comes to working and negotiating with decision makers. By working together with other relocation companies we ensure the quality of services in the field of relocation, which is beneficial for our customers.

  • Relocation Holland

    Home away from home

    RSH has been in the business of relocating employees to the Netherlands for nearly 30 years. We are retained by many companies: multinationals, small businesses as well as several non-profit organizations and foundations. Also we work for individuals and their families. The way we have set up our business is easy to understand and very accessible. We work with packages which have fixed and competitive quotes. Next to fixed packages, it is possible to select services ‘a-la-carte’ depending on your situation and wishes. Our goal is to come up with tailor-made solutions for you and make sure you feel at home away from home as soon as possible.

    Consider some of our strengths:

    -We have nearly 30 years of experience

    -We work with highly qualified professionals, most of them who have lived abroad as well

    -Our packages are tailor-made

    -EuRA Quality Seal

    The EuRA Quality Seal is the world’s first accreditation program for relocation providers which reflects their excellence in providing relocation services.

    No need to look any further if you want to work with an experienced, well-known and trustworthy, management owned company: