Isamar van Hilten

The ARPN created a standard for the industry which all full and associate members need to be compliant to. Being part of the ARPN, PIRGROUP has now access to the professional Stakeholders at all government agencies. By joining forces these Stakeholders have now fully recognized ARPN and its potential. Our clients can only benefit from this fantastic initiative!


    Partners in Relocation BV, division of PIRGROUP Europe’s leading Immigration & Relocation provider, is one of the founding members of the ARPN. Having witnessed a tremendous growth in the industry we found it essential to turn the Dutch Relocation sector into a professional, reliable and accountable industry. Today all stakeholders, HR managers, Expats, Government agencies and Relocation Companies do benefit from the united position ARPN represents.

    Partners in Relocation prides herself for being innovative, creative and solution minded. We are a full member of EURA and Quality Seal certified.