Cristian van Breemen

Our reason for joining ARPN is based on our long-term vision for the Relocation Industry in the Netherlands. As a profession, we need overall professional quality standards. We need guidelines and support to further develop & grow professionally as an industry. By joining forces we can learn and benefit from each other and most importantly; be the professional partner for dialogue with government institutes and third parties.

Cristian is treasurer for the ARPN as per March 2017, you can reach her at

  • i-Mobility Relocation

    Relocating to another country is an exciting and positive opportunity and should result in an equally positive experience. And that is precisely where we come in!

    We take care of all the bureaucratic red tape. We pro-actively and creatively plan and organise the relocation programme and make sure third parties deliver what they promise. Â We are here to deal with it all on behalf of the transferee and the employer.

    • We know all about INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY, but we are not HR managers or an accountancy firm.
    • We know all about IMMIGRATION, but we are not a law firm
    • We know all about the REAL ESTATE MARKET, but we are not real estate agents
    • We know all about CULTURAL CHALLENGES, but we are not philosophers or writers
    • We understand what moves PEOPLE, but we are not social workers or a moving company
    • We know all about THE NETHERLANDS, but we are not tourist guides

    We are the 5th Dutch Relocation company to attain the EuRA Global Quality Seal.

    We are i-Mobility Relocation, how may we serve you?