Rick de Bruijn

“Since quality is on top of the GRS agenda we found a great match with the ARPN and their targets.

We find great value in sharing our visons and experiences with the expat market together with all the members, associate members, government institutions etc. in order to enhance our services for you, our customers. We have already seen successes in working together with government agencies to overcome loopholes in the immigration process and other areas which helps you our customers. The ARPN identifies areas where improvement can and should be made together with customers and other service industries working with the international employees of our customers”

  • GRS Relocation Services

    GRS mission

    Our mission is to provide world-class relocation services offering innovative, seamless relocation management programs to serve both the corporation (our client) and the relocating employee (our customer). Our business approach is based on strong management and full commitment of all our employees and is subject to continual improvement. The company is committed to provision of a superior service with as principal characteristics quality, reliability, capacity, competence, flexibility, integrity, business ethics and client/customer satisfaction with full attention for corporate social responsibility and environmental circumstances. We excel at solving relocation challenges by providing the most essential and comprehensive solutions. We commit to never engage in any activities that would dilute our dedication to our account client base. We provide the service right the first time.

    GRS Commitment

    • At GRS, quality means performing right at the first time!
    • At GRS, quality means operating under the highest standards of ethical behaviour!
    • At GRS, quality is a never-ending journey!

    We are confident that our core value of cost reduction, top service, and benefits programs coupled with true interactive technology, dovetail perfectly into our client’s global mobility goals. Our client retention statistics of 99.4 % over the past years show us that our values, culture, and total employee commitment to service is working.