Shalini Voerman

Eurohome is a Full member of Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands (ARPN) actively taking part in open discussions with government authorities before the laws are implemented and with suppliers in achieving and maintaining the quality in the best interest of its clients.

  • Eurohome Relocation Services

    At Eurohome, the servant-leadership philosophy is deeply embedded in all of our activities.

    We serve our own people by nurturing them and empowering them to grow and develop their talents.
    We serve our customers & suppliers by listening and continuously improving.

    Our passion for providing service means we are constantly discovering new ways to surprise and delight our customers.
    We are driven by innovation & a sense of responsibility all conducted within a financially healthy infrastructure.

    Quality is a journey, not a destination. It is our standard which we try to succeed, ultimately determined by how the client experiences our services. This means we provide objective and audited standards through quality standards such as ISO, EURA and ARPN, as well as selecting partners and agents carefully.

    International mobility is a short description for a long process, requiring many different professionals. These professionals can be hard to find. At Eurohome we will ease this process for you, create cost effectiveness and time-saving solutions.

    Eurohome will be your Global Service Provider. For more information