Debora Riemens

“Crown World Mobility is a full member of the ARPN because we feel that knowledge in the branch needs to be shared in order for all of us Relocation companies to bring the business further. We feel that by bringing all this knowledge together we can be a joined force to influence the local authorities and get them to improve their procedures fitting the needs of the business”

  • Crown World Mobility

    Crown World Mobility helps corporations manage global talent and talented individuals perform on the global stage.

    In a world that seems to be constantly shrinking, managing a globally mobile workforce creates challenges for any organisation. It is no longer just the HR team that is involved in managing mobility programs – IT, procurement and finance are just a few of the functions that face challenges when it comes to global mobility.

    These challenges are human in scale – global assignments involve the everyday lives of transferees and their families. But there are policies to navigate, formalities to coordinate and legalities to adhere to – at the same time as concentrating on a new assignment and getting a job done.

    Crowns approach is to work with all stakeholders to find the right solution, implementing a program that is successful for the whole organisation. This often means finding a unique solution, which Crown has the experience and capability to deliver.

    With offices in more than 265 locations, we are loyal to our local communities and the environment. Crown leads a sincere and wide-ranging CSR program, supporting health, education and welfare. In addition, we continually revise our efforts to improve the environmental performance of all our operations.

    Crown World Mobility is part of the Crown Worldwide Group, established in 1965 and headquartered in Hong Kong. Other divisions within the Group include Crown Relocations, Crown Records Management, Crown Fine Art, Crown Logistics and Crown Wine Cellars.

    Crown World Mobility – How the world works better