ARPN focus meeting InAmsterdam

Focus meeting InAmsterdam 2-4-2019

ARPN was invited to the Focus meeting held by Sietske van Tuin (Director InAmsterdam), together with companies & institutions that impact the workload of InAmsterdam like, VU, EY, PWC, Infosys, etc.
We were requested to give our feedback on the way the current operation is organized and what the future needs are.
The workload of Expatcentre (InAmsterdam) has grown from 3000 cases in 2009 to 17.000 in 2018, and can not grow any further on the current location.

InAmsterdam is thinking about:

  • Opening another location and are thinking about; Amstelveen, Haarlemmermeer (Schiphol Location), and Stadsdeel Zuid and a feasibility research has started
  • Separating the EU and Non EU citizens
  • Expanding the opening hours

The key wishes from the gathered partners for the new location:

  • Don’t lose the one stop shop IND and registration
  • No more than 2 weeks timeline for appointment
  • Bank on premises
  • Possibility to arrange OV chip card on premises
  • Good parking
  • Reachable by public transport

We will get the results of the feasibility research.
As representative of all relocators is was very important to be at this meeting, to hear what the corporates perceive as important and to represent our relocator views.

As a heads up were we informed that the InAmsterdam fees will be increased next year.

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