First ARPN Quality Certificate

During the bi-annual ARPN meeting on Wednesday 16th of March 2016, the first ARPN quality certificate was handed out to Nick Britstra of Brick Vastgoed. Congratulations to Brick Vastgoed for being the first ARPN accredited member!

The ARPN has set certain quality criteria based on KPI’s. Each member not holding any accreditation such as the EURA quality seal, ISO standard or any other recognized branch quality certificate, should become ARPN accredited.

In order to qualify for the certificate, the member companies should abide by the KPI’s and the code of conduct as set by the ARPN. Compliance needs to be audited. Upon completion of the audit and approval that all processes are in compliance with the ARPN norm, an ARPN quality certificate will be handed out, valid for two years.

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