• Guidelines to measure or define quality

    These are subjects that you will also see in the EuRA Global Quality Seal and ISO certification programmes.

    1. Client Satisfaction
    2. Human Resources Management
    3. Business Continuity Plan
    4. Data security
    5. ARPN Rules of Conduct
  • KPI 1

    Response time to enquiries is at maximum 24 hours and is a personally composed response message.

    Target compliance: 95%

  • KPI 2

    Upon receiving authorization for new services, the customer is contacted within 24 hours.

    Target compliance: 95%

  • KPI 3

    Supplier invoices shall be paid within the agreed general term, unless otherwise agreed with client and/or supplier.

    Target compliance: 95%

  • KPI 4

    An evaluation system is in place and actively in use.

    Target compliance: 100%

  • KPI 5

    A complaint procedure is in place and actively in use.

    Target compliance: 100%

  • KPI 6

    General conditions are in place.

    Target compliance: 100%

  • KPI 7

    Compliance with both ARPN and EuRA codes of conduct and local law is mandatory.

    Target compliance : 100%

  • KPI 8

    No ARPN member or employee thereof shall give or accept commissions nor shall they give or receive presents of over €50 in value. Any presents or commissions given or accepted higher in value shall be considered bribery and provides grounds for disbarment from the ARPN

    Target compliance: 100%

  • Is your business compliant?

    Before joining the organisation, prospective members have to meet well-defined requirements (carrying an international quality seal such as the EuRA Global Quality Seal or ISO-certification is one of them) and take an entry survey.

    Please contact Jolanda Tetteroo of Lanta Consultancy