Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands

The Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands is a non-profit branche organisation for Dutch professional Relocation & Immigration Companies. ARPN was founded in 2006 and since then the association has developed and matured. ARPN is now a respected partner for Dutch government agencies like the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service); the UWV (Employee Insurance Schemes Implementing Body), Expat Centers and the Ministry of Safety and Justice. We are an interlocutor of equal merit for the representatives of these organizations, who value our knowledge and experience on the matter of moving people all over the world. ARPN participates in think tanks and in meetings concerning relocation, immigration, housing, schooling and other relevant subjects.

How can you be sure? Ask ARPN!

We are not only a professional sparring partner for government agencies. We also guard, improve and secure the level of professionalism and quality of our members. This is of great interest to organizations with justified demands when it comes to relocating employees abroad. There are many relocation and immigration service providers in the Netherlands. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but they all have their own characteristics and working methods. The question you may ask yourself is how you can you be sure that you will work with a good and reliable company when you need to relocate employees? The answer to that question is evident: ask ARPN!

Cooperation to mutual benefit

We take our responsibility seriously, simply because we take pride in our profession and also because we can’t allow ourselves to do otherwise. As key representative of Dutch quality relocation and immigration companies we maintain the high standards of services to be rendered by our members. They are all focused on delivering the best possible quality and they always provide tailor made solutions in order to meet your requirements with a keen eye on details. Our members aim to exceed your expectations. Their expertise and commitment ensure cooperation as it is meant: to mutual benefit.


Wednesday, the 13th of June, Chair Petra Hasselbach & Treasurer Cristian van Breemen joined a meeting of the ASAP NL, the Association of Serviced Apartments Netherlands. ASAP NL was first conceived in 2010 and formally founded in February 2012.…

Focus areas

Government relations

When the Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands (ARPN) was founded in 2006, the first goal was to become an evident discussion partner for the Dutch government on matters as policy development and execution regarding relocation and immigration.

Business Interaction

One of the many distinctive features of the Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands is the mutual exchange of expertise by the associate members. They all make relevant knowledge and experience available to each other in order to improve the general level of relocation ….

Quality Assurance

The Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands strives for excellent quality in relocation and immigration services. Therefore ARPN-members need to prove the standard of their performance by providing ARPN with the EuRA Global Quality Seal to specify ….

Education & Training

The Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands attaches great importance to the quality of rendered relocation and immigration services. The market is constantly changing and governmental legislation is developing according to ….

Why we are members

Crown Relocations is a full member of the ARPN because we feel that knowledge in the branch needs to be shared in order for all of us Relocation companies to bring the business further. We feel that by bringing all this knowledge together we can be a joined force to influence the local authorities and get them to improve their procedures fitting the needs of the business.

Debora RiemensCrown Worldwide Group

Our reason for joining ARPN is based on our long-term vision for the Relocation Industry in the Netherlands. As a profession, we need overall professional quality standards. We need guidelines and support to further develop & grow professionally as an industry. By joining forces we can learn and benefit from each other and most importantly; be the professional partner for dialogue with government institutes and third parties.

i-Mobility is currently Treasurer for the ARPN.

Cristian van Breemeni-Mobility Relocation

Since quality is on top of the GRS agenda we found a great match with the ARPN and their targets.

We find great value in sharing our visons and experiences with the expat market together with all the members, associate members, government institutions etc. in order to enhance our services for you, our customers. We have already seen successes in working together with government agencies to overcome loopholes in the immigration process and other areas which helps you our customers. The ARPN identifies areas where improvement can and should be made together with customers and other service industries working with the international employees of our customers.

Rick de BruijnGRS Relocation Services

Settle Service is member of the ARPN because we think that all main immigration and relocation companies together can enhance the quality of the service delivery to our clients. This will make the decision to send people to the Netherlands easier. Apart from that, we think that the combined companies are a good discussion partner for the Dutch authorities. We use our joined influence as discussion partners of the Dutch authorities in order to optimize the processes in order to ease the move to the Netherlands even more.

Irene BuntSettle Service

RSH has been one of the founders of the ARPN knowing that within a branch organization we stand stronger when it comes to working and negotiating with decision makers. By working together with other relocation companies we ensure the quality of services in the field of relocation, which is beneficial for our customers.

Veronique HaverhalsRelocation Holland

Santa Fe Relocation Services is a proud member of the ARPN. The ARPN members are all highly respected and recognized relocation providers in the Netherlands. The ARPN represents the interest of their members in the negotiations with the Dutch government and other important decision makers. Next to that the ARPN members share knowledge and expertise. Processes and best practice are the foundations of Santa Fe; when combined with the skills and experience of the ARPN members, we achieve consistently high standards across our business.

Petra BoddéSanta Fe Relocation Services

“Our company (at that time under a different name) has been one of the founders of the ARPN and we strongly believe in working together with other relocation companies as part of ongoing improvement. Meeting and discussing the complex and ever-changing issues of relocation and even more so immigration is a fruitful endeavor that can be a benefit to all parties involved. In addition, we believe that having a network such as the ARPN will offer easy access to policy makers at various levels of Dutch government through the ARPN board which is a benefit to all ARPN-members.”

Altair is currently Secretary for the ARPN.

Esmée MosAltair Global

We are member of ARPN as we believe that the relocation business is too much of a diverse business to go without coordination of efforts, strengths and visions.

Nino NelissenExecutive Mobility

The ARPN created a standard for the industry which all full and associate members need to be compliant to. Being part of the ARPN, PIRGROUP has now access to the professional Stakeholders at all government agencies. By joining forces these Stakeholders have now fully recognized ARPN and its potential. Our clients can only benefit from this fantastic initiative!

Isamar van HiltenPIR Group

Eurohome is a Full member of Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands (ARPN) actively taking part in open discussions with government authorities before the laws are implemented and with suppliers in achieving and maintaining the quality in the best interest of its clients.

Shalini VoermanEurhome Relocation Services

We recognise the value of a successful partnership, whether it is with a client, a supplier or a recognised mobility network such as the Association of Relocation Professionals in the Netherlands (ARPN). With a shared focus on quality mobility services and compliance, the Cartus-ARPN partnership helps us to deliver trusted guidance to all of our customers and their relocating employees, in and around the Netherlands.

Morgan BeaumontCartus

Team Relocations is proud to be a member of the ARPN. As we want to provide our clients with excellence in global relocation and immigration we need to join forces and share best practices with ARPN members who are all highly respected and recognised colleagues in the relocation and immigration industry. By combining resources and sharing knowledge and experience we can grow professionally and further develop the quality of our services. Evenly important the ARPN represents the interest of their members in negotiations with the Dutch governmental authorities and affiliated governmental bodies which has demonstrated to be quite successful on numerous of important occasions.

Ida SmildigerTeam Relocations

As AGS KHZ we believe that a joint combination of certified Relocators will be able to impact governmental organisations and influence the processes in the marketplace. The ARPN represents a platform for knowledge sharing in the relocation branch that is necessary to lift each other to a higher level of service delivery.

This year we are proud to provide the Chair for the ARPN.

Petra HasselbachAGS KHZ
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